Outdoor Lighting by Innovative Nightscapes

Residential Landscape Lighting Design

Custom Residential Landscape Lighting Design

Brighten your outdoor spaces with custom residential landscape lighting design by Innovative Nightscapes that will have your property looking even more impressive at night than it does during the day! Using a variety of artistic lighting techniques, Innovative Nightscapes creates stunning visual scenes that will highlight your outdoor landscaping, artwork and architectural features while creating a safe and inviting destination.

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Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Design

Showcase your building’s architecture and landscape, provide safe passage for patrons and employees, and illuminate your signage with professional outdoor lighting. Let Innovative Nightscapes, an award-winning, commercial lighting contractor in Portland, Oregon, help sell your project, generate sales and rentals, and attract customers by creating a striking, yet safe and welcoming environment.

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Public Spaces

Professional Outdoor Lighting Design for Public Spaces and Artwork

Make your public space and public art even more of a showpiece with an inspired outdoor lighting design by Innovative Nightscapes. An award-winning, professional outdoor lighting design firm in Portland, Oregon, we can expertly facilitate the emotion and mood you want to project and catch the eye of the viewer and provide an alternative to everyday visual chaos.

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